FARA D.O.C. - 12%

FARA received DOC qualification in 1969. This young wine is rich and generous, even though with some roughness, a long period of ageing gives it balance, harmony and elegance.


- Vine Nebbiolo (Span) from 30 to 50%
- Vespolina from 10 to 30%;
- Bonarda Novarese (Rare grape) up to a maximum of 40%


Minimum by law 3 (three) years; during this period for at least two years it is aged in oak or chestnut barrels.

Recommended with:

- cold meats and salami
- first courses
- red meat
- game

Serve at a temperature of 18 - 20 °C

Total alcoholic strength minimum 12%

Colour: Ruby red

: Dry, fruity, harmonious

Area of production:
High Piedmont, Municipalities of Fara and Briona

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