Having tempered its exuberant vigour with a skilful ageing, Croatina fully reveals the character and temperament of a great wine. Excellent with hearth dishes, it is unbeatable with "Fritto misto alla farese" (Fried fish dish "a la Farese").


Vine CROATINA at least 85%; as for the difference, it may be composed of black-berry grapes, of one or more species, coming from species of grapevine recommended or authorised by the Province of Novara.

Recommended with:
- cold meats and salami
- roast meat
- ripe cheese

Serve at a temperature of 18 - 20 °C

Total alcoholic strength minimum 11%

Colour: Garnet red

Fragrance: Vinous, intense


Area of production:
Piedmont, in the 25 Municipalities of the hills of Novara

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